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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

This weekend was quite busy, we went to the zoo, went swimming with friends, a cookout with family......

We gave Bear a bath this weekend, she was looking rather dingy. Autumn had fun drying her with the hair dryer.

We went swimming with friends at their YMCA which has a zero depth entry pool. We tied a pool noodle around her waist (to help with floating) and she took off, she was totally independent in the pool! AAAAhhhhhhh!!!! She kicked and kicked (looked like walking in the water) and was 'simming' all over the pool by herself. My baby is growing up!!!!

At the zoo we saw the butterflies for the last time this summer as well as the African animals. Autumn was so excited to see the 'zoobas' and 'raffs' but when we got there she was totally amazed by the 'osters' (ostriches). We had lots of fun seeing the other animals too. I'm including pictures of a previous trip when Autumn tried her hardest to get a goat to go home with us. :)

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