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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Boxing and Dinosaurs

Autumn is a good boxer, when she pays attention she can beat whoever she plays. Apparently if you box while standing in a box you do better..... She likes to play the Wii with mommy and daddy but we have to find games where there is no button pushing because she doesn't get that concept yet. But baseball and boxing are two she can and does play. She is also learning how to use a mouse on the computer, it's been fun watching her figure out how to move her hand to control the pointer on the screen. The other thing Autumn is good at is being a dinosaur, this has taken on a new level of expertise now that she actually looks like one. A friend of ours loaned us a dinosaur costume that it is next to impossible to peel off of Autumn! We've been shopping in it, to gymnastics in it, playing outside in it, to a potluck/picnic in it...... I managed to get it into the washer just in time to get dressed for church so I took a little frou-frou princess to church rather than a green dinosaur! :) I swear that if I'd had little white lace gloves for her she'd have worn those with her "cincess" dress and "pwee" sandles, fancy hair and purse! That's my dinosaur princess for you.

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  1. That looks an awful lot like the dinosaur/dragon costume Isaac wore last year!