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Monday, April 06, 2009

Such a Big Girl

This weekend we went to an Easter celebration some friends told us about. Most of it was above Autumn's head, playing games to win prizes, etc. But the Teddy Bear Band was there and she really loved that. This is a band made up of dads and grandpas (who also have a grownup band) who go around the state entertaining our youn'uns. There is usually a panda mascot walking around at these events. Usually these kinds of walking animals scare Autumn to pieces. But Saturday she went right up to it, tagged it and ran back to get a hug. Next she went up there and danced beside the panda, and next thing you know she was hugging it as many times as she could get it's attention! What a brave big girl she is!
This is a picture of the bear Autumn hugged and hugged, but no picture of Autumn, I was too slow, :) I was just so proud of her I forgot all about the camera.

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