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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Eggs and Other Things

Hmmmm.....if you look at these pictures from bottom to top, you'll see them in order. I always forget that this thing puts the first pictures you add at the bottome and the last at the top!

After going back and forth on the topic of dying eggs this year I finally decided we should give it a go. It wasn't the disaster area I was expecting so that was good. Right before we did this Autumn was in a hyper state and was running around, turning circles, standing on her head, and trying to climb the stairs using only her hands and the railing! I didn't have high hopes, but we planned a bath right after so all was well. She had lots of fun dropping the eggs in from nice heights and watching the dye splash all over. And she discovered that vinegar and food coloring don't taste all that good. :)

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