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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Love and Logic

This is the Denver skyline from my hotel room one evening, my friend took the picture here because her view was the parking lot.

Recently I went to Denver to attend a training for facilitators of the Love and Logic parenting program. I had so much fun. To start with I ate my lunch outside sitting under a tree in the sun wearing only short sleeves. Now for many of you in February that may not be a big thing but since we've had weeks and weeks of below 0 temperatures I thought I was in heaven! It was two and a half days of sitting in a chair and listening to the experts but I really had a good time. The best things I learned were: even the experts forget to use this stuff (good news for us average parents) and to be a better parent we need to put ourselves first in a loving way. I really needed someone to tell me that, I should have recorded them so I could play the reminder to myself from time to time. I picked up some good tips to try with Autumn. What was also nice to hear was many people, including the experts, saying that this stuff really works "when you remember to use it". I say that myself so it was good reinforcement. I am so excited to get started on my next class, I have new ideas to try with them. If you wonder what all my hoop-la is about check out Now I need to sit down with my budget and their catalog and the library and see what I can get now and what to put on my wish list for later. :) I don't have any pictures of me with Jim or Charles Fay becuase I didn't think to take my camera. But a gal I met there sent me a couple of pictures so you can see what we saw.
While I was gone, Kurt played single daddy. He did a great job too. He only called me once to find out what time Autumn's gymnastics class started. I got to talk to them both on the phone each night, that was an experience. I usually am the one interpreting for Autumn as she talks on the phone, but this time Kurt had that job. It really helps to have a frame of reference when she starts talking. :) Autumn really bonded with Daddy over those three days and still wanted him to do things when I got home. It wont last but it is nice for a while.
This sunset was what we saw while eating at Mount Vernon Country Club for dinner one of the nights. The city all lit up below was beautiful.

This view was from on our way up to the country club. Obviously we stayed there for quite a while.

Here is the airport. Looks like a bunch of snow capped mountains. As I was poking around waiting for my flight I found it that it is supposed to remind you of snow capped mountains. Guess the architect did a good job on that one. :)

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