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Friday, February 13, 2009

Little Children Praying

We've been teaching Autumn to say grace before a meal (mostly dinner) and she's gotten so good that when we are all sitting at the table she puts her hands out and says "hands" so we can pray. (we hold hands while praying it was easier to teach than 'praying hands'). She jabbers along with us and usually you can pick out the words "Sheesus" and "keekoo" and "guess" adn then she loves to say "Eeeeeemen". She'll even put her hands out in the middle of the meal saying "hands" and wanting to pray again. I'm not positive she understands this concept totally but she is having fun and that's really a big part of prayer in my mind. It shouldn't be something you have to make yourself do, but rather something you enjoy. We've also been working on a bedtime prayer. She says it all by herself! It goes like this: "Geeear Dog, keeeeeekou, Eeeeeeeeeemen". There are lots of long drawn out words and the appropriate head nodding to go along with them. If I forget to have her do this when we are going to bed just as I get to the door she'll say "pray mommy!" and I have to go back in and say it with her. I just love that! Something else she likes to do is say hi to God when we open up the sun roof in the car. Obviously we haven't done that lately due to the FRIGID temperatures...I do like to open the inside part though to get just that bit more sunlight into my car and she'll wave at the sky then too and say "hi Dog". I have no pictures of this but I have a fun video clip from our bowling in Osakis so enjoy that.

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  1. Isaac has a long way to go in the praying department. Right now, he just laughs everytime we say the dinner prayer together!

    Looks like its time to get Autumn together with Isaac again so she can teach him!