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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving Dinner

We had 14 people in our small living room for Thanksgiving Dinner. It was lots of fun. Autumn helped make the sweet potatoes in the crock pot. She really likes to 'help' cook. She had so much fun having 4 grandparents here and didn't really know where to turn first. My parents stayed with us and Kurt's parents drove down for teh day with his sister. His brother and fiance came along with our niece. My brother and his wife and son were also here! Later Autumn's birth mom came over and we had presents and cake. Autumn took all her presents to Amanda and openend them with her, it was so cute. She got lots of fun things and had a VERY HARD time sharing her new toys with her cousins. :) We would say "you need to share" and sign it as well. She would sign and say 'share' while tears were running down her face. I felt a little bad for her, they were her new toys after all. But she did a good job.

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