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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Getting Dressed

After her 15 month check where we talked about her not eating really and refusing to use a cup rather than the bottle, she used the cup that night at supper. Then she wanted it with her when she went to get her PJs on. And this morning she refused to use it at all. What a stubborn little stinker she is!

She played the piano with daddy for a while, our keyboard has buttons that change the 'voice'. Kurt changed it on her a couple of times and now she is almost as fascinated with pushing those buttons as she is with pounding on the keys.

Here is Autumn doing her impression of a baby bird. She sits there with her mouth open waiting for you to shovel applesauce in at snack time.

Autumn found her jacket on the floor the other day and tried to put it on. She actually managed to get both arms in the sleeves, though it was upside down. Then she spent probably 15 minutes trying to figure out how to close the front. She really is a thinker this one. Then she wore the jacket around the house the rest of the morning (till nap time).

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