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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The Ball Pit

For Autumn's birthday I had bought some ball pit balls and put them in her little one ring inflatable pool from this summer. She didn't really play much with them. We recently saw a picture in a parenting magazine of a little boy in a laundry basket filled with the balls. So we tried it, what a hit! See for yourself.

Stomping in the balls was lots of fun.

Getting burried in them was the best. She scooted way down and then pulled the balls over her head. Then you could hear lots of growling and giggling. It was hours of entertainment. We created many games, we sang row row row your boat and tipped the basket from side to side. When she wanted it to go again she'd sway from side to side herself. We played baby in the washer and shook the basket really fast and 'agitated' the balls and that was her favorite, huge grins!

Are you good at those Magic Eye games? Can you find the baby in this picture?

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