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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Toy Tester and Cookie Maker

We went over to Tom and Jen's on the 29th for our second Christmas. Jen and Jane and Autumn and Thomas and I made cookies. Kurt watched Autumn and entertained us with music. Tom and Jen had Autumn test out some of Isaac's toys, mainly a walker and a johnny jump-up. The results were great. Autumn took about 2 minutes to figure out the walker and then she was off! They have a great open floor plan and fast hard wood floors. (neither of which we have at our place, thus we never got a walker). She was in the kitchen giving tips on frosting making, in the dining room giving tips on cookie making, and in the living room giving tips on block building. She also inspected the tree many times to make sure it was in good condition. The johnny jump-up has been renamed the Suzie Spinner as Autumn spent most of her time going in circles saying "wheee" "wheee" over and over and over. She bounced a little but mostly spun in circles. The video shows it well, you may have to turn up the sound to hear the little high voiced "whees".

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