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Monday, November 12, 2007

Visit To Nebraska

Here are the more candid pictures from our trip to Nebraska. Daddy is in them because he was at a retreat when we went to a family funeral.

Fist you see what happens when you fall asleep during your yoga exercises. WArning: if you stay like this for extended periods your legs will fall asleep.

Autumn and Josiah had fun together, they sort of shared toys, wrestled and poked each other's eyes.

Emily shared her apples with Autumn, what a nice thing to do.
Autumn shared her grandma and her books with Emily

Autumn learned how to take a DVD out of the player. She also pulled herself up to stand for the first time this weekend.

A movie watching cave was set up under the table (mostly so the kids wouldn't get walked on). But when Autumn and Emily started pushing every button they could find we went to plan B.

This is a kitty that lets babies pet and play with it. Autumn was in heaven!

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