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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Letter to People Wanting to Touch Chocolate Hair

I follow a blog called "Chocolate Hair, Vanilla Care". I love this woman and her tips and tricks and advice and.....  She posted a letter that she wrote that says what I've always wanted to say but so much more eloquently!

Someone posted a comment under her letter to the effect of "when people ask me what my hair feels like I tell them 'It feels like HAIR, what else would it feel like?'"

I have to agree with the mom who wrote this letter, we do teach our children that they have their own personal space and they don't have to put up with touch they don't like, but I can't tell you how many times complete STRANGERS come up and touch Autumn's hair all the while talking to me! Still working on helping Autumn tell people not to touch her hair without asking first. But really, why should I have to hang a sign around her neck saying "please ask before touching me!" ?  There are people she doesn't mind touching her hair and they know who they are. :)  This summer we went on vacation to Michigan and a neighbor asked Autumn "can I feel your hair sweetheart?" Autumn said "yes" and the woman (a grandmother) got down at eye level and complimented Autumn on how soft and curly it was. I was so thrilled that someone had not only asked first but asked Autumn instead of me! Thanks Mrs Nemier (I know I just botched that spelling!)

Pics of our vacation and daily life coming soon, I've been a busy mama this summer!

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