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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sleeping Bear Dunes

As is tradition we went to climb Sleeping Bear Dunes. Autumn looked at it from the car and thought she'd died and gone to heaven. She was so eager to get out of the car and climb and play in her big sandbox that she got tangled up in her seatbelts. As you can see below she was half way up before we were even at the foot. She ran all the way up without stopping, I swear it only took her 2 minutes. We walked across the top for a while but didn't attempt the 1.5 mile trek to Lake Michigan on the other side. "Why not?" you say? because a 1.5 mile hike is easy and fun, but when you do it across takes hours.

Do you see what we found in the sand?

When we ran all the way down to the bottom we played in the sand for a while. Autumn had fun buryign our feet. Somehow Kurt really doesn't look much shorter!

Wipe Out!

See my footprints mom?

Two days before we were going to leave Autumn wanted to go to the big sandbox again. So we took her, I hadn't planned to climb the dratted thing again. She went half way up and down and half way up and down and played at the bottome (repeat a couple dozen times). The next time I looked up (and it couldn't have been more than 3-4 min) She was at the top!!!! Well, of course she couldn't hear me yelling to come down. So up I went after her, I couldn't trust her not to take off over the other hills on the top of the dunes. We stayed at the top for a bit, met people who were going further over when they past us. Autumn met a new friend who was all in pink and when she saw Autumn's "Boney" (fossil rex) she had to stop and talk dinosaurs with Autumn. They are about a month apart and I'm glad they understood each other because her grandparents and I only caught about 1 word in 8. Eventually we ran back down and headed home to have a picnic on the dock.

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