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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Big Tree

Since Autumn was born we've come to this tree once a year and taken pictures. It sure takes longer to hike there than we remember each year. When we first started our walk Autumn took one look at all the trees and said "Oh, the forest, we have to recsue grandma and grandpa" (she seems to think they are lost in the forest, no idea why, but she is always wanting to recsue them from the forest). So she took off at a run to find them. We walked and walked and walked and....... Using a makeshift "tripod" and with a running jump up the tree Kurt managed to take some good pictures of the three of us. As you can see behind us in the zoomed out shot, this tree has not made it through the latest batch of storms unscathed. The two huge trunks that stood up in the back are now lying on the ground behind this bohemeth. You can kind of see one in the bottom left corner. It was still a lot of fun to climb it and accidentally slide down it. Wonder what it will look like next summer?

the videos wouldn't load I'll try them again another time.

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