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Friday, March 05, 2010

Rexy Hat

My adventures in Autumn's hair........the continuing saga.......

I was having the hardest time figuring out what to do about Autumn's hair and winter hats. As long as she wears the hood on her coat it's not an issue, but put any other hat on her head (which she'd prefer to wear) and her hair turns dry almost instantly and frizzes out and BREAKS OFF! I recently joined one of those Internet lists for parents of adopted children with hair like Autumn's so we can all pick each other's brains and also discover that "I'm not the only one who is making these dumb mistakes". I heard from many parents that she should wear a satin lined hat. OK, I can get one of those. But they cost about $40!!!! I said to myself "I can make one cheaper than that" famous last words....... Autumn and I looked at hat patterns and hats that had no patterns. We found a dinosaur hat that she fell instantly in love with. It's made out of fleece and I had coupons for the fabric store. Bought the fabric, good thing I bought more than I needed, printed off the pattern (free, always a good thing) and went to work. Had the fleece cut out and then cut out the satin........forgot that satin has two different sides, re-cut one piece........discovered that anti-pill fleece has a right side and a wrong side, re-cut fleece.......was warned that I should cut the satin larger as it doesn't stretch like two pieces of satin..........started to sew, YAY!!!!! Had to figure out how to stretch the fleece to the satin, just like elastic right? NOT! After 4 1/2 hours Autumn had one "Resky" hat. NEVER AGAIN (at least until next winter)

But her hair stays nice and soft and curled when she wears this hat and she is the envy of all her friends (and her daddy who now wants a hat). Luckily for Kurt his hat doesn't need to be lined with satin so it should take me about 20 min and my hair will stay on my head where it belongs. Of course I already have thought on how to make this process simpler next time.......

Oh yes, satin is "sippy" (slippery) and the hat slid right off her head!!!.......back to the sewing machine to add chin ties. So who wants one of these beauties for next year?

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