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Sunday, June 07, 2009

Gymnastics Awards

Autumn has been going to gymnastics class for the last 20 weeks at The Little Gym. I picked this place because it is non-competative and it is based on child development. The kids go through a group activity and then get to explore the gym with all its uneven bars and balance beams and various mat configurations. Autumn has had the time of her life there. This past Saturday was her last day and they do a "show week" which for these kiddos is really just another fun class but with a medal and certificate at the end. They played the Olympic theme song and had the kids walk up some steps to a mat platform to recieve their medals. Autumn was so proud of hers that she wore it ALL day long! She stood there bowing at the waist and saying "keekoo, keekoo" over and over after her turn was over. She is such a ham!!! She and her friend Judah loved being in the same class and had fun comparing medals and certificates. Remember if you want to see a particular picture better just click on it.

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