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Monday, June 25, 2007

D.C. Trip Cont.....

This is the WWII Memorial. It was completed 3 years ago. Each piller has a wreath on it and below that is inscribed the name of a state or U.S. territory. At each end is a taller structure inscribed either Atlantic or Pacific for the two theaters. There are quotes inscribed all around by different generals and the President. At one end of the Mall you can see the Lincoln Memorial and behind us on the other end is the Washington Monument. It is really quite breathtaking. There is also a wall with 100 golden stars on it. A tribute to all the men and women who fell in the war.

This is the Viking Lander that landed on Mars on the day I was born. How Exciting!

Here is a dinosaur kit. Some assembly required. Tools needed: glue, chisle, soft brush, picks in assorted sizes.
The Korean War Memorial was a little erie. The faces of the men are so real and full of expression that it feels like they are looking right at you as you walk by. There are two men joking around in the middle of the formation and you can see the laughter on their faces and in their eyes.

At the Vietnam Memorial we walked along reading all the letters written by school kids. Apparently as they were studying this war they had an assignment to write to the family of a soldier (fallen or not) who had their same birthday. The letters were poignant and tear jerking. The kids did a really nice job with the letters. We found out that at the end of the week all the tributes are gathered up and stored in a warehouse.

Kurt did a good job with this picture of the Washington Monument. The pillar looks like it is splitting the clouds as well as the reflecting pool.

Mommy bought me this Panda. He sure is soft. It's mine, you can't have it, besides the ears are really slimy 'cause I like to chew on them. So you probably don't want it anyway. Which is good, because I'm starting to not like to share.
Ok, I give up, I can't seem to get all the pictures and text to line up quite right. So you'll just have to figure out which captions go where.

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