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Friday, August 04, 2006

Adoption Progress

We wrote a profile. What this means is that we created 4 pages of text and pictures to sum up our lives. This took many weeks and even more revisions. It is hard to decide what you think will attract a birth parent. This profile goes into a binder with other profiles from prospective adoptive parents. There are generally between 50-60 families in this book at a time. Birth parents then look through this binder and chose a couple of families to meet with. At these match meetings as they are called, both sets of parents talk with each other and decide if this is the best match for them and for the future child.

So at this point we are in "the book" and waiting to be called for a match meeting. As far as the money goes we will have all but about $600 in teh bank by the end of August. So far the money has been there when we needed it and we will rely on God for the rest to be there when it is needed.

At times we wait patiently and at other times we wait impatiently. We keep praying for the patience to wait for God to unfold this chapter of our lives in His own time and His own way.


  1. Ric and June1:50 PM

    Praying for you -- and the birth mother -- that a wonderful addition to your family will be arriving soon.

  2. Naomi3:37 PM

    I am hoping that you both will become parents soon and find your match. I have never known two better people to be parents.